Single Saturdays: Faouzia & John Legend – Minefields

Canadian singer Faouzia and American artist John Legend have a new single together entitled Minefields. The song is about overcoming adversity to be with a significant other.

The music is R&B and Pop. It’s a beautiful ballad with a smooth rhythm. The sound becomes uplifting as the song progresses gradually with the pace of the piece. The piano in the background complements the romantic feel to it, including parts played by Charlie Puth. Emma Buerklin is the producer of the song. She did an excellent job with the tune’s well-structured composition. 

Faouzia and John Legend’s voices are soft and smooth. Their vocals compliment each other nicely. They sing in sync with one another. 

The lyrics are romantic and touching. Faouzia, Sam Martin, Ali Tamposi, and J Kash wrote the single. The song describes in detail the determination to overcome obstacles to be with a significant other. The title “Minefields” is a metaphor for the risk one takes to be with the person we love. The words are well-written, rich in freestyle poetry. It shows the importance of never giving up on real love. 

The single Minefields is available.

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