Single Saturdays: Raleigh Keegan – Long Line of Lovers

American singer Raleigh Keegan has released a new single entitled Long Line of Lovers. The song describes love through a man’s family history, told by the narrator.

The music is Country. The composition is impressive and intricate. The transition from slow to fast is smooth. The song has a classic Country beat, appreciated by many. It’s catchy and inspires one to want to get up and dance. The guitar is a pleasure to listen to throughout this song. The rhythm is continuous and has a natural flow- the arrangement is well-structured. The song ends on a lovely fade-out of the guitar sound. Incredible!

Raleigh Keegan’s voice is soft and soulful. He sings with a romantic tone that works with the song. He sounds smooth and lovely with a rhythmic variety in his singing.

The lyrics are romantic and well-written. Raleigh Keegan, Joel Shewmake and Lonnie Fowler wrote the song with a poetic style and flowy continuity. The metaphors and similes in this single are impressive, including the family tree and love as a drug. The words are relatable in the way people have their share of failed relationships before finding “the one,” which proves that true love is possible.

The single Long Line of Lovers is available.

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