Single Saturdays: MAX MLV – You Matter

Belgian singer MAX MLV has another single entitled You Matter. The song is about overcoming adversity during tough times through solidarity and hope.

The music is pop. MAX MLV and A Sepulchre composed the song. The ballad has a smooth rhythm that is also peaceful, relaxing and calming. The piano and the guitar in the background are harmoniously in sync with one another. It’s a tune that has a beat that helps when feeling sad or overwhelmed. The composition is well-structured and compliments what the song represents, which hope in dark times.

MAX MLV’s voice is soft and sincere. He sings from the heart and with compassion.

The lyrics are full of hope and understanding. MAX MLV wrote the words with genuine concern and solidarity. It’s relevant and apropos, especially with the recent awareness or discussion about mental health in this day and age. The song is about reassurance that feeling sad or upset is entirely normal – that includes showing kindness to others because you don’t know what people are going through in their lives. The lyrics are well-written, and like MAX MLV’s singing, they are from the heart. 

The single You Matter is available. 

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