Single Saturdays: MAX MLV – I Wanna

Belgian popstar MAX MLV has an optimistic single entitled  I Wanna. The song is about living life to the fullest and adventuring out into the world (when the pandemic ends, of course).

The music is Pop. The sound is upbeat, catchy and rhythmic. The flow of the song is wavy. A. Sepulchre composed this tune with a well-structured arrangement. The composition is parallel to The Goo Goo Dolls and Bon Jovi’s music. The guitar in the background adds a lovely touch to the tune. The song has cheerful music that makes listeners smile and feels hopeful through any dark time in life. 

MAX MLV’s voice is enthusiastic and cheerful. He sounds genuinely exciting to venture into life. His performance is authentic.

The lyrics are positive and inspirational. MAX MLV wrote the song with hope and heart. He captures the essence of living life to the fullest, as previously mentioned. The tune reflects the importance of chasing your dreams and never give up on them either. It’s impressive hearing the enthusiasm and joy shine throughout the song. The words are poetically well-written.  

The single I Wanna is available.

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