Single Saturdays: MAX MLV feat. SVZY – If

Belgian artist MAX MLV has a new single entitled If featuring SVZY.  The song is about perseverance – to go after what you desire. T. Hellepute wrote and composed the single.

The music is pop. There’s a bold 80s vibe that reminds me of Bon Jovi and The PoliceThe guitar in the background is incredible to hear and has a rock edge to it. The sound is catchy with a fantastic beat. There are layers to the compositions that are well-structured and rhythmic. T. Hellepute gave the song a combination of old-school with a modern sound, blended smoothly together. 

MAX MLV’s voice is incredible and rhythmic. He follows the song’s pace well. SVZY’s performance in this single is impressive. The duet is remarkable, and their voices complement each other.

The lyrics are positive and inspirational. The song is about perseverance and determination in following your dreams. There’s a smart use of repetition to emphasize the importance of not giving up. The lyrics have fantastic freestyle writing that makes them flowy and smooth – easy to follow while maintaining a structure. The combination of the two is impressive. The words are well-written and full of hope. 

The single If is available.

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