Single Saturdays: MAX MLV – Never Leave

Belgian Artist MAX MLV has another fantastic single entitled Never Leave. The song is about fighting for what you want and never give up on anything, including a relationship. 

The music is Pop. The beat has an intensity with an up and down rhythm to reflect the song’s mood. The composition is bold with a modern sound with a smooth transition of fast to slow and vice-versa. The rhythm is catchy, full of tonality. It’s impressive to hear this fantastic structure. The piano and the drums are incredible to hear in this single- both complement the tune’s vibe and are in sync with one another. The drum part reminds me of the drums played by Queen’s Roger Taylor. The combination of classical 80s music and contemporary music is remarkable.

MAX MLV’s voice is husky and deep. He has a versatile vocal style that works well with this song. He sounds rhythmic and in sync with the music.

The lyrics are expressive and from the heart. The emotions are raw and genuine, full of depth. The song is well-written with excellent freestyle writing. The words are dynamic and understandable, especially in terms of the struggles of a relationship. The lyrics have a wavy flow to reflect the ups and does of life, including maintaining a bond with a significant other. Love and life are complex but essential to fight for these two things. The song expresses that perfectly.

The single Never Leave is available.

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