Paul McCartney’s latest album McCartney III

British singer Paul McCartney has released a new album, his 18th, entitled McCartney III, released December 18, 2020. The themes are love, heartbreak, and life in general.

The music is Rock. There’s a 60s vibe, a psychedelic one, to be exact, with a modern component. The compositions are bold and intricate. The instruments in the albums are incredible and in sync with each other. Paul McCartney played most of them, including electric and acoustic guitars, bass, double bass, piano (full list below). Musicians Rusty Anderson (electric guitar) and Abe Laboriel Jr. (drums) played remarkably in the song Slidin’. The music parallels the Beatles’ classics, such as Strawberry Fields. The song Find My Way has a fabulous guitar presence. The primary musical genre is Rock but combined with other kinds of music such as folk, country, grunge and electric. The musical structure of the album is impressive, with a combination of old-school and new styles.

Paul McCartney’s voice is remarkable, versatile and husky. He sounds smooth and rhythmic. His vocal style parallels that of the late Elvis Presley, such as is the case with the song Women and Wives. He also has a David Bowie vibe going on, just like in the song Deep Deep Feeling.

The lyrics are rich in poetry and full of imagination with fantastic freestyle writing. The songs have layers of meaning and seem abstract at first, but with time become clearer. That reminds me of the Beatles’ tunes from the 60s, which gives the record a nostalgic feel. There’s a smart use of repetition with words in a loop that gives the songs a dream-like feeling. The imagery in the lyrics is impressively deep and detailed, which compliments a listener’s imagination. The lyrics are well-written and full of depth. 

The album McCartney III is available.

Side Note The full list of the Instrument Paul McCartney played
electric and acoustic guitars
double bass
Fender Rhodes
Wurlitzer electric piano 

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