Glass Tiger- Don’t Forget Me (When I’m Gone) -35th Anniversary

January 27, 2021, marks the 35th Anniversary of Glass Tiger’s classic hit entitled. Don’t Forget Me (When I’m Gone)

The music is Rock/Pop. The song has excellent use of the guitar, played by Al Connelly. The composition is fantastic and has a timeless sound. Jim Vallance produced this tune. The rhythm is lovely and wavy that’s easy to follow. There are bits of the song where drumrolls and bass add a bold touch to this classic hit.

The lead singer Alan Frew’s voice is husky and incredible. He sings from the heart. He captures the bittersweet feeling of life post-separation. Another voice we hear and recognize is that of Canadian artist Bryan Adams as a background vocalist. He complements the song nicely. 

The lyrics are expressive and relatable. Alan Frew, Sam Reid, and Jim Vallance wrote the song. The rhyming is well-done, with a mix of classic poetic style and freestyle. The tune lightly covers heartbreak, which also gives a sense of hope that this too shall pass. Personifying pain is unusual but useful in describing that feeling of disappointment, and some may say bad luck.

This song is a classic. I heard it growing up with my siblings and enjoyed it. Learning that the group is Canadian had me appreciating this tune even more.

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