Roméo et Juliette Musical -20th Anniversary

January 19, 2021, marks the 20th Anniversary of the Paris Premiere of the musical Roméo et Juliette.  The story of Romeo and Juliette is a classic that many people know. Gérard Presgurvic wrote and composed the songs for this version.

The music is under the genre musical soundtrack. It’s the classic style of French music. Gérard Presgurvic did a remarkable job composing these love songs – he captured the specific mood and complimented the characters’ perspective. The compositions are bold and rhythmic with a modern twist, rich in tonalities and style. The musicians are incredible: Jean-Michel Bernard (Piano), Carolin Petit (Keyboards), Hugo Ripoll and Claude Engel (Guitar), Robert Briot (Bass), Laurent Faucheux (Drums), Nicolas Montazaud (Percussions). The sound is engaging and memorable.

The actors’ voices in this musical are incredible. Each one sings with heart and passion. 

 Gérard Presgurvic did incredible work with the lyrics. He wrote songs describing the story of Romeo and Juliette in a dynamic and modern fashion. The tunes represent the characters’ perspectives and the different parts of the story/play. For example, Le Balcon (The balcony) describes the scene where Romeo is talking to Juliette, who’s on the balcony. Another one is Le Duel (The dual), which is about Romeo and Mercutio’s fight. The ending of the album is powerful and unforgettable. The subject of love is honoured nicely.

20 years later, the songs are timeless and bring back memories. Great work!

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