Single Saturdays: LadBaby & Ronan Keating Don’t Stop Me Eatin’

 British artists LadBaby & Ronan Keating have a single out entitled Don’t Stop Me Eatin’. It’s a humorous parody about eating a lot during quarantine and, in this case, the holiday season. 

The music is Brit Pop. Its structure follows the song Don’t Stop Believing by Journey in terms of style. The beat is catchy and nostalgic.The composition is well structured.

The duet of LadBaby & Ronan Keating is a remarkable one. Their voices compliment each other nicely.

The lyrics also follow the structure of the writing of the song Don’t Stop Believing by Journey. The Don’t Stop Me Eatin’ is a British way to say “Don’t Stop My Eating” through slang or cockney (British Slang). The topic of eating a lot, whether it’s eating in quarantine or the festivities, is relatable and familiar this time of year. The words provide sweet comic relief.

I hope your holiday celebrations were memorable.

The single  Don’t Stop Me Eatin’ is available.

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