Single Saturdays: Ashlie Amber – Fight With You

American artist Ashlie Amber has a new single out entitled Fight with You. The song describes how the importance of fighting for a relationship. 

The music is Country. It has a smooth rhythm that goes at a wavy pace. The composition is well-structured. Each beat reflects the ups and downs of any relationship. The guitar in the background is a pleasure to hear in this lovely tune. There’s a parallel to Shania Twain’s music that’s impressive.

Ashlie Amber’s voice is soft and incredible. She sings with emotion and full of soul, and with heart.

The lyrics are dynamic and well-written. The song expresses the determination to save the relationship from any adversity. There’s hope in the words, despite the temptation to give up when it’s easy to do. Love is complicated, but beautiful. The tune expresses quite well. It also reflects well that true love conquers everything.

The single Fight with You is available.

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