My Silent Bravery Holding Out For Hope – Acoustic Version

The American group, My Silent Bravery, has released a new acoustic version of the album Holding Out For Hope. The themes are life and love.

The music is Pop. The guitar’s presence in the background compliments the album and feels like an intimate and cozy concert. The compositions are incredible, with catchy sounds. The song Only The Young has a Goo Goo Dolls vibe to it with the rock edge. Each tune has a rhythm that suits the subject of each one of them. Holding Out has a bold beat with the guitar’s direct sounds of a gradual tempo that give it a unique depth. One can genuinely hear the instruments because it’s acoustic. The vibe is more personal this way. Matthew Wade plays the guitar incredibly well, just like his other albums before this. The music feels bold and captures the attention even more with the acoustic sounds.

Matthew Wade’s voice is fantastic and bold. He sounds rhythmic, singing with raw emotions. Since it’s acoustic, one can genuinely hear the voice of Matthew Wade. The duet he has with Maurico in the song Holding Out is as fantastic as the studio album version. Maurico’s singing is remarkable and felt deeply, very expressive. The vocal styles are impressive in this record, with great depth. 

The acoustic version Holding Out For Hope is available.

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