Single Saturdays: Ed Sheeran – Afterglow

British singer Ed Sheeran has a new single out entitled Afterglow. It’s a holiday love song about staying together through thick and thin. 

The music is Pop/Brit Pop. The composition is nicely simplistic, with the acoustic guitar played by Ed Sheeran. The beat is sweet and cheerful, reflecting the romantic vibe, especially in the holiday season. The sound is catchy and suitable for the holiday season.

Ed Sheeran’s voice is fantastic. He captures the vibes of Christmas, winter and romance. He sings from the heart.

The lyrics are romantic and well-written. Ed Sheeran wrote the song last year; he posted it on his Instagram. He describes his relationship and surroundings romantically with precision. The expression “love drunk” is a sweet way to express his affection for his significant other. The words are genuine and full of depth.

The single Afterglow is available

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