Single Saturdays: Nick Carter – 80’s Movie

American singer and Backstreet Boys member Nick Carter has released a new single entitled 80s Movie. It’s a love song of a new relationship where the vibe is like an old 80s movie.

The music is Pop. The flow has an 80s vibe that is apropos with the song that gives a nostalgic touch. The composition combines new sound and old-school rhythms. In the beginning, the beat sounds like that of Every Breath You Take by The Police, then it changes to the classic styles of 80s songs.

Nick Carter’s voice is incredible. He sings with remarkable rhythm and has an edge to it. He sounds bold, just like during the Backstreet Boys era in the 90s.

The lyrics are romantic and nostalgic. There are smart references to 80s movies, especially chick flicks, such as Dirty Dancing. The words may be simplistic but have a depth to them. The song has hope, which is essential when one feels tempted to give up on love. The lyrics are well-written.

The song 80s Movie is available.

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