Day 8: Mark Kingswood – Say Merry Christmas

British Crooner Mark Kingswood has released a new Christmas album entitled Say Merry Christmas. There are five original songs and six magnificent covers of Christmas classics.

The music is Holiday and Adult Contemporary. The record parallels Michael Bublé’s Christmas album in how the covers have a modern musical style. There’s a lovely Frank Sinatra style with a Jazz beat throughout the album. The piano in the background complements the crooner vibe. The tune Any Other Christmas has a vibe similar to Kissing a Fool (George Michael and Michael Bublé versions) in the rhythmic structure. The sleigh bells are a bold touch to the Christmas album. 

Mark Kingswood’s voice is smooth and bold. He has remarkably combined the Christmas vibe with his Crooner style. He honours the Holiday classics and also has his distinct musical style with his five original songs. He captures both the emotions of love (the romantic tunes) and heartbreak nicely during the holiday season, which is relatable.

The lyrics are well-written and genuinely capture the Christmas vibe. The original songs on this Christmas album are impressive.
Say Merry Christmas has a positive and hopeful message behind it, spreading holiday cheer and appreciating the little things. The words 
Don’t Say Goodbye (On Christmas Day) tells the story of a man trying to save his relationship in great detail. It describes well the struggles of heartache during the holiday season.
Candy Coloured Christmas is a cheerful and romantic song that is cute and sweet (no pun intended). It’s about celebrating Christmas with a significant other where the time with them is the sweetest thing.
The song Snow is nostalgic and bittersweet because it becomes the first Christmas without that loved one for many. The lyrics describe the relatable feeling of missing someone during this holiday season. 
The tune Any Other Christmas profoundly describes the heartache of a breakup during the holiday season. It’s well-structured and poetic.
The Christmas originals have a great range of aspects of the holiday season.

The album Say Merry Christmas is available.

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