Day 7 Single Saturdays Deandra Henry & Nadia Henry The Christmas Tingle

Canadian singer Deandra Henry and her sister Nadia have a new Christmas single entitled The Christmas Tingle. It’s a festive song about the excitement around Christmas time.

The music is Holiday combined with R&B. It’s an upbeat sound that is a joy to hear – it makes it festive. The composition is well-structured and impressive. The tune starts with setting up the music, then the beat increases at the perfect tempo. The guitar in the background is a joy to hear in this tune and complements the song’s mood. It has a cozy and homey to it.

 Deandra Henry and Nadia Henry’s voices are incredible. They both sound rhythmic and cheerful.

The lyrics are happy and festive. The song is about celebration and having fun during the holiday season – so much joy in this song. A little goes along with the simplicity of the words. It celebrates the blessings and time spent with loved ones during this joyful time. Feeling the warmth of this season is especially relevant when you may not see everyone due to COVID. It’s true, none of us can enough of Christmas and the cheer from this incredible day. The words are soulful and from the heart.

The single The Christmas Tingle  is available.

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