Day 9: Manon Séguin & Christian-Marc Gendron – Noël à trois

Canadian and Québecois couple Manon Séguin and Christian-Marc Gendron have released a new Christmas album entitled Noël à Trois (Christmas together as three). There are three original songs (all written and composed by Christian-Marc Gendron) and nine covers. The album pays homage to Christmas classics; some are in French, and others in English. 

The music is Holiday, Jazz, and French Pop. There’s a fantastic range of instruments heard in the album: the piano, the guitar, the drums, and the sleigh bells. The album honours the Christmas classics, some with a modern or upbeat sound, such as Le Sentier De Neige (the snow trail), Joyeux Noël (Merry Christmas) and Glory, Alleluia (Glory Hallejuah). Le Royaume du Bonhomme D’hiver starts with an incredible trombone. Overall the record has a Jazz component that gives a cozy and homey feel, apropos with the Christmas season, especially in 2020. Christian-Marc Gendron composed the three original ones: Noël à Trois,  Noël pour la vie (Christmas for life)and Noël sans toi (Christmas without you)

Manon Séguin and Christian-Marc Gendron have incredible voices both together and individually in French and English. They both capture the Christmas vibe. 

The lyrics are from the heart and sentimental. Christian-Marc Gendron did a fantastic job writing these three original songs and describing the various emotions during the holiday season. 

Noël à Trois is a lovely tune about the couple’s first Christmas with their baby daughter. It’s personal and sweet- a family song full of love and joy.

Noël pour la vie is a beautiful song that spreads a positive message about what Christmas is about: love another and be there for one another in solidarity. It’s inspirational and hopeful.

Noël sans toi is a heartwarming tune tribute to Manon Séguin’s late mother, in which this is the first Christmas without her. It’s a relatable song where the loss of a loved one makes this season difficult, at times. Christian-Marc Gendron covered this personal subject delicately, with heart and compassion.

These tunes are apropos with Christmas and impressive.

The album Noël à Trois is available.

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