Amir’s Latest Album Ressources

French singer Amir has released a new album entitled Ressources (Resources or the means). The themes are love and heartbreak.

The music is French Pop. The musical style has an incredible combination of old-fashioned French music and a modern twist- it’s an impressive variety. The sound is catchy and easy to recognize when you hear it. The instruments that complement this album’s music nicely are the drums, the piano and some guitar. The compositions are bold and intricate, each capturing each song’s story individually yet complementing the album’s themes.

Amir’s voice is smooth and bold. He has a mix of high and lows notes, which he hits at just the right moment. There are incredible duets/collaborations: Carrousel (with Indila), Passer (Passing Through) with the Idan Raichel Project, Comme il faut ( As it should) featuring. Céphaz, and Fous (Crazy) featuring 7 Jaws & Bambino In these songs, the artists’ voices complemented each other nicely and smoothly.

The lyrics are poetic and romantic, with excellent freestyle writing. The songs are full of thought and detail, especially the ones about love. The metaphors in this album are remarkable. For example, the tune Carrousel (Carousel) is a metaphor for a getaway from the world.  La Fête (the party/celebration) represents a time to enjoy life and take a moment to appreciate everything. Another incredible song is Douce Guerrière (Gentle Warrior), a story of a warrior woman who fights but has a big heart and is loving. The range of emotions throughout the album is impressive.  

My favourite songs are On Verra (We Will See), Carrousel (with Indila), Douce Guerrière, and La Fête.

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