Single Saturdays: Laurence Nerbonne – Faut que ça change

Canadian and Quebec singer Laurence Nerbonne has a new single entitled Faut Que Ça Change (It has to change)The song talks about frontline workers working very hard and often in poor conditions.  

The music is French Rap. The beat has an intensity to reflect the anger regarding the dire conditions the frontline workers deal with every day. The verses have a slow pace then increase during the chorus to emphasize the importance of those working in the frontlines every day

Laurence Nerbonne’s voice is bold and edgy. She captures the emotions felt by the frontline workers entirely. She genuinely understands the issues and challenges these hard-working people face. 

The lyrics are expressive regarding the issues frontline workers face daily, even before the COVID-19 pandemic hit. The anger, the frustration and the sadness are intense, but a sense of hope and solidarity to unite for an important cause. The song points out the challenges frontline workers, such as teachers, struggle to deal with daily, yet have a sense of purpose. The chorus may be the sentence “Faut Qu’ Ça Change Ye He,” but it speaks volumes- a little goes along. The awareness raised is straightforward and gives us a significant perspective on a situation long overdue.  

The single Faut Que Ça Change is available. 

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