Throwback Thursdays: Queen – Thank God It’s Christmas

November 26, 1984, Queen released a Christmas single entitled Thank God It’s Christmas.  The song is about spreading joy during the holiday season. Brian May and Roger Taylor wrote and composed this Holiday tune.

The music is Rock. The ballad is beautiful with a lovely mix of instruments: the guitar, the drums and bass. The rhythm is sweet and cheerful, which suits the message of Christmas joy. The composition is impressive and bold- it’s an example of the incredible variety with which Queen is famous. 

Freddie Mercury performed this Christmas sings beautifully and gracefully. He captures the essence of Christmas in this song. He sings from the heart with rhythm. 

The lyrics are poetic and joyful. The imagery about this Christmas in this song is remarkable. The poetry is beautiful to read with a rhyme structure of ABAB and the use of freestyle writing. I love listening to this tune, especially during the current COVID-19 Pandemic. This song brings comfort, especially when the holiday will likely take place virtually. Brian May and Roger Taylor wrote the song magnificently and cheerfully.

Happy holidays everyone!

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