Paul Costabile’s Thanksgiving Parody: Please No Politics

American comedian Paul Costabile has released a parody entitled Please No Politics, an homage to US Thanksgiving. However, the celebration occurs during the COVID-19 pandemic and three weeks after an election. Although I’m Canadian, I heard that Thanksgiving could bring tension because of political views. This song describes a man requesting his family not to discuss politics at the table.

The music is Pop and Parody. The piano is incredible to hear that makes the beat is simplistic but catchy. The fast pace reflects the tensions and stress of Thanksgiving, especially following an election.  

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Paul Costabile’s voice is expressive. He sings with rhythm and style. He expresses the sentiments that some Americans feel during Thanksgiving.

The lyrics are simple and straightforward. The subject of US Thanksgiving and politics is a classic and relatable topic following an election. This à propos song provides comic relief, which can cheer people up. Paul Costabile did an excellent job of making people laugh in this tune. Nice work!

The song Please No Politics is available.

Happy Thanksgiving, USA! 

I want to give my condolences to Paul Costabile, Christina Perri, Carmella, and the family for their recent loss. My heart goes out to you.

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