Single Saturdays: Tony Junior feat. Ben Adams – Won’t Let You Down

Dutch singer Tony Junior has released a new single, Won’t Let You Down, featuring British Pop Star Ben Adams. The song is about a guy who asks for a second chance from the girl.

The music is a mix of Pop and Brit Pop, mix with some Electric/Dance beats. The composition is flowy and wavy, with a catchy beat. The rhythm parallels Darude’s works (the electric sound) and some of the a1 songs. The fast pace of the tune complements the subject of second chances in a relationship. The mix of Pop and Electric is impressive.

Tony Junior and Ben Adams’s voices compliment each other nicely. There’s a smooth transition between their respective parts. Both artists capture the range of emotions felt in the song. 

The lyrics are sincere and from the heart. The repetition in the song shows how the guy is begging for a second chance in the chorus. The verses describe the situation in more detail about how the man feels guilty for his mistake. The simplicity of the words demonstrates the importance of choosing the right words in these circumstances. Impressive!

The single Won’t Let You Down is available.

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