Single Saturdays: Ehab Tawfiq – Heya Donya

Egyptian singer Ehab Tawfiq (or Tawfik) has released a new single entitled Heya Donya (This is life). It’s a song about living life to the fullest and follow one’s dream. 

The music is Arabic Pop. Ashraf Salem composed the song with a catchy, modern beat. The sound is upbeat, complementing the tune’s message of living life. Ahmed Adel did a fantastic job with the music arrangement. The song reminds me of songs from Ehab Tawfik’s album from the early 2000 Homa Kelmtin (These are two words).

Ehab Tawfik’s voice is bold and rhythmic. He follows the rhythm with precision and enthusiasm. 

The lyrics are simplistic but have a clear message about living life and following your dreams. The words are easy to follow because of their sentence structure. Awad Badawy wrote the song. The chorus’s repetition is an essential and smart way to express the tune’s important message. There’s a lesson behind these words, and it’s concise. The lyrics are well-written.

The single Heya Donya is available. 

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