Besoin De Rien- The Latest Album by Pat Groulx et les Bas Blancs

Canadian and Quebec group Pat Groulx et Les Bas Blancs has released a new album entitled Besoin De Rien (I need nothing)The themes are love, life, and quarantine during COVID-19.

The music is French Pop mixed with some Country. There’s an old school vibe with a contemporary sound—the guitar, the drums, the banjo and some piano honour the Pop culture of Quebec. The compositions have incredible notes that make the music catchy. I can imagine people square dance to the song Mon Chum (my friend). Each song’s beat reflects two primary moods: sadness during trying times or joy after difficult times. It is impressive how these two feelings are clear and easy to recognize. Besoin de Rien (I need nothing) has an incredibly fast pace that reminds old-fashioned Country music. The album has a fantastic variety of beats and rhythm.

Patrick Groulx’s voice is bold, incredible, and rhythmic. He sings from the heart and captures the emotion(s) felt in each song. 

The lyrics are personal and genuine. The album covers a variety of topics, including life during quarantine and family. The song Les Cascades (the ups and downs) is about Patrick Groulx and his children’s mother going on a family vacation before they announced their split. It’s so touching and from the heart. The tune addresses the difficult subject of breakups/divorce delicately. The record also covers romantic parts of Patrick Groulx’s personal life, like the song Ton Coeur est Un Chalet (Your heart is a chalet). It talks about his relationship with his current girlfriend with deep love, kindness and appreciation.  Tout Le Monde Dehors (everyone outside), a tune I reviewed a while back, I still remember the optimism and the upbeat words that cheered us up in the time of the pandemic. However, Petite Chanson de Confinement  (A song about the confinement/quarantine) has a different tone, but a thoughtful one, as a way to honour the frontline workers during these unprecedented times. Besoin de rien (I need nothing) is about feeling frustrated in a relationship and wanting to be free. The song is expressive and unfiltered, as well as relatable. Each tune has two purposes: making you think (new perspective) or cheer you up during tough times (i.e. COVID-19). The album is authentic and from the heart with well-written lyrics.

My favourite songs are Ton Coeur est Un Chalet, Les Cascades, and   Tout Le Monde Dehors. 

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