Single Saturdays: Sentiment Falls – Get Over You

Swedish duo Sentiment Falls has a new single out entitled Get Over You. The song tells the story about the struggles of getting over a breakup. 

The music is Country. The beat is slow with a heaviness that reflects well the mood of heartbreak. The instruments heard are the guitar and the piano that adds a flavour to the Country vibe. The sound is rhythmic and smooth. The composition of the tune is well-structured. 

Andrea Bond and Ronnie Wilde sing beautifully in this song. They captured the struggles and emotions people go through during a breakup. They sound smooth and rhythmic.

The lyrics are relatable, written with detail and authenticity. The topic of breakups/separations is one that doesn’t go out of style, as clearly expressed in the song. The emotions are genuine, with a mix of sadness and confusion described meticulously in words. It is impressive to hear the waviness of the lyrics. 

The single Get Over You is available.

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