First EP Fridays: Noah Schnacky – Noah Schnacky EP

American singer Noah Schnacky has released his first EP, Noah Schnacky. The overall themes of the EP are love and heartbreak.

The music is Country music with a modern sound. The compositions are elaborate with an incredibly wavy rhythm. The guitar in the background is magnificent and complementary to the overall feel of the EP. The beat of each song is catchy and unique. The song Feels Like Love is upbeat and cheerful. The tune Maybe We Will has a romantically slow pace, but at times smoothly increases in tempo. The music is incredible throughout the record.

Noah Schnacky’s voice is husky and smooth. He sounds sweet when he sings romantic songs such as Meet The Man, I’ll Be The One and Hello Beautiful. His vocal style reminds me of Thomas Rhett and Tim McGraw.

The lyrics are descriptive and, at times, romantic. Each love song tells an individual story but has certain things in common: respect for the girl and her family, being a gentleman and the future for a couple. The tunes about love are Meet The Man, Feels Like Love, I’ll Be The One, Maybe We Will and Hello Beautiful.  The EP also has songs about heartbreak with well-written words: Comeback and Where’d You Go? The lyrics have a fantastic depth to them.

My favourite songs are Meet The Man, Feels Like Love, and I’ll Be The One.

The EP Noah Schnacky is available.

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