Single Saturdays: Ben Adams-Progress

British Pop Ben Adams has released a new single entitled Progress. The song is about overcoming obstacles in a relationship.

The music is Pop/Brit-Pop. The upbeat sound represents hope the relationship can overcome adversity through anything. Ben Adams composed the lovely tune, with a contemporary and wavy beat. The composition is a combination of slow to fast to slow again. 

Ben Adams’ voice is husky with incredible tonalities. He sings with boldness and a rhythmic pace. He captures the feelings of cautious optimism and nerves about where the relationship is going.

The lyrics are romantic and optimistic. The song covers the importance of taking a relationship one day at a time with commitment and determination. I interpret the words to describe that true love can overcome anything, even the most intense obstacles. Any little action is better than no action at all, which is the song’s positive message. The lyrics are from the heart and inspirational.

The single Progress is available.

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