Single Saturdays: The Kiffness – The Gallows

Disclaimer: The political views in this song don’t reflect mine or the artists mentioned in this article. This is simply a review of the song: music, voice & lyrics.

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South African group The Kiffness has released a new parody entitled The Gallows. The song covers the subjects of political correctness and the current socio-political situations. 

The music is Pop. The parody has a similar composition to the original version of Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s hit single Shallow. The melody is well-structured with smooth music. The beat is slow and steady, which reflects the topic of the song.

The Kiffness lead singer David Scott and his wife sing together in this parody. Their voices compliment each other well. They capture the sentiment many feel in a politically correct world and uncertainty of what is acceptable and what isn’t. 

The lyrics are expressive and indirectly refer to the socio-political issues around the world. The song reflects precisely how the world appears to be going backwards instead of forwards. The “Gallows” is a metaphor for the colonial past and terrible time in human history. The PC or Politically Correctness is a complex subject, which the parody expresses clearly and precisely. However, it also covers well that people who get offended easily aren’t necessarily right. The song covers different aspects of the “PC” world.

The single The Gallows is available.

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