First Album Fridays: Alicia Moffet – Billie Ave

Canadian singer Alicia Moffet has released her first album entitled  Billie Ave. The overall themes of the record are love and life. The title is an homage to her daughter. 

The music is a mix of Pop and Soul. The compositions parallel to the works of Mandy Moore, Brandy, and Destiny’s Child with a combination of contemporary and old school styles. The piano and the drums make the album dynamic and edgy. The music complements each song’s mood without overpowering the lyrics and the emotions expressed by Alicia Moffet. The melodies are beautiful that reach the soul. 

Alicia Moffet’s voice is incredible and sweet. She sings expressively and from the heart. Her singing style reminds me of Alessia Cara, Mandy Moore, Brandy, and Zendaya in the rhythm of singing. 

The lyrics are poetic and genuine, with deep meaning. There’s heart and soul into the songs. The track Cursed is about the struggles of heartbreak, which is a timeless and relatable subject. Beautiful Scar is a personal story that deals with loss (Sources), with a glimmer of hope. The vibe of the words is about soul-searching and finding one’s place in the world. The lyrics are well-written.

My favourite songs are  Body High, Take ControlOpen Up, and Beautiful Scar.

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