Single Saturdays: Ulrikke – What Would You Do For Love?

Norwegian singer Ulrikke has a new single entitled What Would You Do For Love. It tells the story of how people behave when they start a new relationship, including the mixed emotions one feels. 

The music is Pop. The composition is fantastic and upbeat, full of cheer and joy. The rhythm is flowy and easy to follow, with a beautiful wavy pace – it sounds romantic and whimsical. The song parallels classic hits from the 90s, by artists such as a1, Blue and Spice Girls. It starts slowly, and then the tempo goes during the chorus, then back to slow. It also includes a stop effect that matches that of a heart beating fast. The composition is well-structured.

Ulrikke’s voice is soft and sweet. She sings with enthusiasm and happiness, which expresses the way people feel when entering a new relationship. 

The lyrics, like the rhythm, are romantic and whimsical. There’s beautiful freestyle poetry with the rhyme styles of ABBA. The song is relatable in terms of mixed feelings and the “airhead” moment one may experience. The subject asking listeners/viewers “What Would You Do For Love” is a different dynamic to a love song, making it feel interactive and inclusive. Ulrikke wrote the single with Ben Adams (a member of a1) and Olve Flakne.

The single What Would You Do For Love is available. 

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