Single Saturdays: Patrice Michaud – La Grande Évasion

Canadian and Quebecois artist Patrice Michaud has released a new single entitled La Grande Évasion (the great escape). The song is about a journey through life, a metaphor for wanting to get away, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Patrice Michaud wrote and composed La Grande Évasion. 

The music is French Pop/Folk. The guitar and the piano complement the Summer vibe and the Roadtrip feel. The composition is beautiful, with a rhythmic melody. The great mix of instruments consists of the guitar, the piano, the bass, etc. creates incredible music that is unforgettable. The wavy feel of it starts slow then increases smoothly in tempo to back to slowing down again. The composition is well-structured.

Patrice Michaud’s voice is husky and smooth. He sounds cheerful and sincere. 

The lyrics are romantic and poetic. The expression La Grande Évasion (grand/great escape) is a metaphor for a need to escape reality. The words are relatable, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic because of the sentiment of feeling “cooped up” in the house. Freestyle poetry adds to the imagery of going away to somewhere new. The lyrics are incredibly and intricately well-written.

The single La Grande Évasion is available. 

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