Single Saturdays: Lee Ryan – Swayed

British Popstar Lee Ryan has released a new single entitled Swayed. The song tells the story of a guy dealing with a breakup while remembering various moments of the relationship.

The music is Pop/Brit Pop. Lee Ryan and Jamie Hartman composed this song. The single parallels to a bonus song from Blue’s 2015 album Colours entitled Oh Girl, with a slower pace. The heaviness of the beat reflects the feeling of heartbreak and grief. The piano in the background is complementary to the song.

Lee Ryan’s voice is deep and husky. He captures the sadness in his singing with precision and style. He sings expressively and with passion.

The lyrics are poetic and from the heart. Lee Ryan wrote the song. As mentioned, the story talks about a guy dealing with a breakup, but he was also trying to honour his promises. However, he faces a betrayal of sorts and struggles to understand what happens. The words are from the heart, expressing the heartbreak accurately. The sense of disappointment is clear and understandable.

The single Swayed is available.

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