Norah Jones’s Latest Album Pick Me Off The Floor

American singer Norah Jones has released her eighth album, Pick Me Off The Floor. The overall themes are love and heartbreak.

The music is pop, with some jazz. Each song has a melody that reflects the joy of being in love or the sadness of heartbreak. There’s an Aretha Franklin vibe with the magnificent and intricate compositions. The music also parallels works by Josephine Baker and George Michael’s Kissing a Fool. The piano and the symphony-like sounds compliment the overall feel of the album.

Norah Jones’s voice is beautiful and husky. She hits every note (high and low) perfectly. There’s a smoothness in her singing that is incredible.

The lyrics are expressive, intricate, and from the heart. The songs tell stories of a girl whose relationships are going well or ended in separation. The details of the tunes are remarkable and relatable. The lyricists of the songs included Emily Fiskio or Sarah Oda. The poetic style of the words parallel to that of The Supremes and Aretha Franklin. The songs remind me of the old movies from the 1930s and 1940s, especially when characters go to a fancy club or restaurant. There’s a fantastic depth to the lyrics that compliment the vibe of the record.

The album Pick Me Off The Floor is available.

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