Single Saturdays: Ben Adams-No Make Up

British Popstar Ben Adams has a new single out entitled No Make Up. The song tells a story about a man who loves his girlfriend/wife as is without make-up, au naturel.  

The music Pop/Brit-Pop. The beat is upbeat and flowy, making this a beautiful composition. The guitar and the drums complement the melody of this song. The music parallels the works from a1 such as Take You Home, Be the First to Believe, and Ready or Not. The rhythm is slow during the verses then increases in tempo during the chorus.

 Ben Adams’ voice is bold and rhythmic. He sounds romantically genuine and sweet.  

The lyrics are romantic and loving. The emotions are genuine and from the heart, reminding me of Ben Adams’ personal stories about his relationship with his fiancée. He expresses how he loves her for her natural beauty. The Make-Up is a metaphor for a mask because it covers up the real beauty. He also makes an unusual but unique analogy of the cigarette, referring to rolling the paper with tobacco. However, it works well in this song.  The lyrics are well-written, making this tune is fantasy-like and whimsical. 

The single No Make Up is available. 

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