Single Saturdays: The Kiffness -Hey June

South African group The Kiffness has released a new parody entitled Hey June. The song refers to a classic hit by The Beatles Hey Jude. It’s about dealing with the anxieties from watching the latest news. 

The music is Pop, with an homage to Brit Pop. Hey June follows the same composition as the original song by The Beatles. The rhythm is smooth. The vibe is 70’s, giving the song a nostalgic feel to it. The tune ended on a high note. The piano and the guitar in the background add flavour to this parody. The tambourine at the end of the song has a hopeful sound that cheers up the listeners.

David Scott’s voice is soft and deep, as well as rhythmic. He sings from the heart, expressing mixed emotions such as anxiety and reassurance. 

The lyrics are encouraging after expressing doubts and fears. The structure of the song follows that of The Beatles’ original hit Hey Jude. The words refer to the latest news about socio-political situations, ending with a message of hope and solidarity. The song expresses the importance of being vigilant on social media and not promote any hate speech. It’s essential to show compassion to others, as clearly expressed in the song, as well as honour your loved ones. The lyrics are poetic with great rhymes and beautiful freestyle writing.

The single Hey June is available.

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