Ben Adams’ Latest Classical Album 9 Months

British singer Ben Adams has released a new album entitled 9 Months. It’s an instrumental record with songs that each tell a story based on sounds and various beats.

The music is classical with a modern touch to it. There’s a specific mood for each song. It’s subject to interpretation, which varies for listeners. The album is relaxing and calming, especially when one feels overwhelmed. 

Here are my interpretations of the seven songs of the album.


Ginto is the introduction to the album that has a slow and smooth rhythm. It sounds romantic. I can imagine sitting by a fire or reading a book with hot cocoa or coffee in my hand.

The Mannequin

The Mannequin reminds me of the classical ballet music, such as Chopin’s Nocturne op.9 No.2 and Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake. It is also parallel to the meditation albums I like to play at home to relax after a busy day.

Bryant Park

Bryant Park has a romantic sound parallel to the movie scores of romantic comedies (aka Rom-Com). It’s upbeat and cheerful, which reminds me of the New York vibe, especially with my recent trip to that beautiful city. 

A World of Our Own

A World of Our Own also has a romantic feel, but on a personal level. It sounds as though it could be a story about the couple, the subject of the song. It’s beautiful with a wavy rhythm. 

9 Months

The music of 9 Months has a cozy and warm vibe. The title influenced my perception, the melody has me imagining a mother giving birth to her baby, and besides her the father.  


The song Snowflakes has a holiday vibe with a nostalgic feel to it. I can imagine hearing this song during the Christmas season. It’s full of joy and warmth. 


Printemps (Spring) has an upbeat sound that represents the excitement of the Spring season. As a Canadian, I can relate to the feeling. I felt the joy of Spring arriving after seeing snow up until mid-March. It’s a beautiful soothing tune.

My favourite songs are Bryant Park, PrintempsSnowflakes, and A World of Our Own.

The album 9 Months is available.

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