Single Saturdays: Dolly Parton – When Life Is Good Again

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American Country singer Dolly Parton has released a new single When Life Is Good Again. It tells the story about what life could potentially be like once the pandemic is over.  

The music is classic-style Country music. The composition of this song is beautiful and well-structured. The sound is upbeat and cheerful. The rhythm of the song is flowy with smooth transitions in the beat, including an incredible fade-out in the end. The voices of the backup singers add a choir vibe to the tune, making it unifying and intimate. 

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Dolly Parton’s voice is powerful but hopeful. She sings with reassurance and compassion also. She inspires unity and kindness, including praying to God during this tough time and after that as well.

The lyrics are positive, optimistic and full of hope. It’s about having faith in a time of crisis, such as the COVID-19 pandemic. The words inspire introspection and perspective of what is essential in life and how people can improve after a difficult period in life. There’s incredible rhyming done in this song through magnificent freestyle writing. The lyrics flow naturally and smoothly. The message of prayer and love for one another, especially family, is a necessary reminder of what is fundamental in life. The words truly moved me.

The single  When Life Is Good Again is available.

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