Single Saturdays: Mark Read-Where Were You (When the World Stopped)

British Popstar Mark Read has a new single entitled Where Were You (When The World Stopped). It’s a song that is about reflection during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The music is Brit-Pop. Mark Read composed the single Where Were You. It’s a ballad with a beautiful composition and a soothing rhythm. The “stop-effect”/tap adds a lovely touch to this song. The tune has music that parallels the works of boy bands such as N’Sync, 98˚ and Boyz II Men. The guitar and the piano have a presence that gives the ballad a calming feel to it.  

Mark Read’s voice is smooth and deep. He has an incredible vocal range going from low to high pitch. He expresses the importance of following the rules of social distancing and staying home.

The lyrics are thought-provoking but inspirational. Jonathan Rusca wrote the song magnificently. There’s a smart use of repetition to emphasize the importance of respecting guidelines during a pandemic. Solidarity is a fundamental theme in this song, along with hope and compassion. The chorus is a personal expression of doing one’s part during the crisis of COVID-19, especially staying home and maintain social distancing. The words are full of courage and positivity, which are essential during this difficult time.

The single Where Were You (When The World Stopped) is available.

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