First EP Fridays: Jonny Arsenault – Nos Félures Précieuses

Canadian and Quebecois singer Jonny Arsenault has released his first EP entitled Nos Félures Précieuses (Our precious imperfections). The themes are love and heartbreak. 

The music is Country and French Pop. The instruments heard throughout the EP are the guitar, the harmonica, and the piano. The song Trop Tard (Too late) has a mix of slow and fast beats to reflect the conflicted feelings felt post-breakup.  En Retard (Late), however, has a slower melody that expresses sorrow during a separation. The last two songs Abygaëlle and Si On Dansait (If we danced), have a more uplifting sound. There’s a summer vibe to this record, which is inspirational with the warmer weather around the corner.

Jonny Arsenault’s voice is husky and soulful. He captures the specific emotion felt in all four songs. He has rhythmic singing that is from the heart.

The lyrics are simplistic, romantic and poetic. The song Trop Tard (Too late) describes the struggles of coping with a breakup – same applies to the tune En Retard. The last two songs have lyrics that are uplifting and full of hope: Abygaëlle and Si On Dansait (If we danced). Abygaëlle is a tune that tells the story of a young girl who enjoys life, singing and dancing with confidence. Lastly, Si On Dansait is about celebrating love and romance, through the little things, including dancing. The songs have a personal touch that makes them authentic.

The EP Nos Félures Précieuses is available.

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