Single Saturdays: The Kiffness – Do You Believe in Life After Lockdown?

South African singer The Kiffness has a new parody out entitled Do You Believe in Life After Lockdown. It’s a reference to Cher’s 90s hit Believe. 

The music is Pop. The song has the same composition as the original version, as well as start the same way. The beat has a nostalgic feel, especially with the disco sound and the techno music. The tune has a flowy rhythm. It ends on a lovely fade-out, similar to Cher’s classic 90s hit. 

David Scott’s voice through a voice-enhancer to create a special effect the way Cher did it. He sings with passion and from the heart. He also shares a sentiment some may feel with regards to staying home, as opposed to the feeling of going “stir-crazy.”

The lyrics are straightforward and easy to follow. The song describes how abstract the idea of life after a lockdown seems to be. Some may have gotten used to the idea of staying home and watching TV, for example. At the end of the tune, the artist mentions the nostalgia of social life and seeing friends in person, after saying that those things were not necessary anymore. The words express perfectly the mixed emotions felt during a lockdown due to COVID-19. 

The single  Do You Believe in Life After Lockdown is available. 

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