Single Saturdays: Lara Fabian – Nos Cœurs à la Fenêtre

Belgian singer Lara Fabian has released a single entitled Nos Cœurs à la Fenêtre (Our hearts to the window). It’s a touching tribute to the frontline workers who are working hard during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The music is French Pop with style similar to classical French music from the 60s/70s. The melody of the song is calming and soothing at a smooth pace. Lara Fabian and Moh Denebi composed this heartwarming tune. They did a fantastic job with the composition and the sound. 

Lara Fabian’s voice is soft but impactful. She sings in two languages: French and Italian. She smoothly switches from French to Italian. Her tone sounds reassuring and hopeful. 

The lyrics have a lovely simplicity to them, yet expressive and poetic. Lara Fabian and Elodie Hesme wrote the touching and heartwarming words. The poetic composition follows the ABAB style in a well-structured manner for the parts in French. The verses in Italian have another poetic structure, which is AABB. The chorus is simple but carries a profound message behind them – a sense of hope and solidarity in the words of this incredible song


The single Nos Cœurs à la Fenêtre is available.

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