Single Saturdays: Ragheb Alama-Entou Amalna

Lebanese popstar Ragheb Alama has released a new single entitled Entou Amalna (You are our [only] hope). It’s a song that describes life in lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic as well as thanking Frontline Workers (doctors, nurses, etc.)

The music is Arabic Pop, with a touch of Tarab (classical Arabic music). Jean-Marie Riachi composed the emotional song with a sound that reflects the uncertainty during a crisis. The composition is well-structured and wavy with a fade-out effect, done in repetition. The rhythm is smooth but dense because of the subject matter. The piano in the background has a subtle but distinct presence. The music is easy to follow and complements the song well.

Ragheb Alama has a rich voice that expresses sadness and confusion. He captures how many of us feel during this scary time.  

The lyrics describe the fears but also hope and honour the doctors, the nurses, and frontline workers. The words are also thought-provoking and full of emotions. There’s touching and heartwarming poetry with the Lebanese dialect of the Arabic language – a lovely ode to the people and country. Nizar Francis wrote the song with kindness and heart, giving it authenticity and quality.

The single  Entou Amalna is available.

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