Single Saturdays: Ian Anderson & Leslie Mandoki- We Say Thank You

Scottish musician Ian Anderson and Hungarian singer Leslie Mandoki have a new single entitled We Say Thank You. The song is about thanking Frontline Workers and Supermarket workers and honouring them for the incredible work they do.  

The music is a mix of Classic Rock and Jazz. The song starts slowly, and then the tempo increases into an uplifting beat. The flute in the background adds a little touch to the sound. The fade-out at the end of the song is impressive. The composition is well-structured and blends the two genres smoothly.  

Ian Anderson and Leslie Mendoki’s duet is incredible- their voices compliment each other nicely. They sing rhythmically and softly. They both express the gratitude towards Frontcare Workers with compassion and solidarity, as well as appreciation. 

The lyrics are beautifully well-written and honour the Frontlines Workers. The song also describes the importance of social distancing. The words are genuine and from the heart, expressing appreciation to those protecting us during the pandemic. One can hear the encouragement in the lyrics, which is uplifting to the morale. Nice work!

The single We Say Thank You is available.

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