Single Saturdays: Imy Fey – Home

French artist Imy Fey has released a new single entitled Home. It’s the story about a girl who wants to find a life partner on whom she can rely and whom she can trust. 

The music is R&B/Soul. The sound is upbeat to reflect the girl’s confidence in herself and in what she wants in life. There’s an incredible variety in the rhythm, along with the drums that add flavour to the song. The composition is well-structured and easy to follow. The music is catchy and distinctive. 

Imy Fey’s voice is full of passion, confidence and strength. She captures the sentiment felt by many in terms of principles. 

The lyrics are inspirational, with resilience and hope. There’s impressive freestyle poetry that speaks from the heart, with raw emotions. The courage to stand up for one’s principles and beliefs is essential, and it’s straightforward. It’s also about not giving up on what you want in life, to not settle for less than you deserve. The words are full of empowerment and strength, especially for women. Well-done!!

The single Home is available.

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