Låpsley’s Latest Album Through Water

British artist Låpsely has released a new album entitled Through Water. The themes are self-reflection and empowerment. 

The music is electronic with a great mix of instruments, including the piano and the tambourine. The sound is soothing, even the songs with a faster beat- it feels like a form of meditation. The tune Through Water sounds like the amazon rain that one hears in either a documentary or any meditation/relaxation album. The music throughout this record brings clarity and focus despite the chaos around us. There’s a fantasy element to each song. It reminds me of British music from the 90s/early 2000s. 

Låpsely’s voice is smooth with a fantastic low register that is calming and relaxing. Her vocal style parallels to Dido and the late Amy Winehouse, as well as New Zealand artist Lorde. She has an incredible variety in her singing and sings in sync to the rhythm. 

The lyrics have an abstract meaning to them in the beginning, then becomes more evident. The words have a lovely depth and richness in them. The reference to British culture is nicely noticeable in the song Leeds Liverpool Canal. Låpsely has incredible freestyle poetry with well-thought-out metaphors. There’s a smart play on words, at times, as it is the case with the song Womxn. She uses an expressive language throughout the album. It’s impressive!

My favourite songs are Womxn Through WaterMy Love Was Like The Rain, and Our Love Is A Garden.

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