Single Saturdays: Andréanne A. Malette – Le Brasier

Québec artist Andréanne A. Malette has released a powerful single entitled Le Brasier (The blaze). It’s about raising awareness of women who are in unhealthy relationships but build the courage to confront the “fire.”

The music is French Pop. The sound has a deep intensity that reflects the dark mood of the subject. The composition is well-structured and rich in rhythm. The guitar in the background is incredible that has a variety in tempo to complement the song.

Andréanne A. Malette’s voice is fantastic. She sings with empathy to honour the women victims of abuse. She approaches this kind of subject matter with understanding and compassion.

The lyrics are well-written to describe the subject of marital violence, a difficult topic to address. However, there’s a glimmer of hope; women are choosing to stand up for themselves by confronting the “fire.” That represents the adversity these women face every day. It reminds me of classic poetry that I read in college. 

The single Le Brasier is available.

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