Single Saturdays: Loony-White Lie

Canadian artist Loony has a new single entitled White Lie. It’s a story about a woman who has a hard time accepting a harsh reality. Kira Huszar wrote and composed White Lie.

The music is R&B/Soul. The beat is slow and wavy, which captures the uncertainty and confusion. It’s similar to the R&B sound of the 90s, with a sense of nostalgia. Kira Huszar did an excellent job composing the song with a fantastic mix of old school and contemporary music. The beat is catchy with style and edge. The fade effect at the end gives a lovely touch in the musical flavour.

Loony’s voice is smooth and silvery. Her singing in this song reminds of Alicia Keys and the late Whitney Houston. It’s impressive how versatile her voice is in terms of tonality and rhythm.

The lyrics are a metaphor for dealing with the challenges in a relationship or life in general. The words express the uncertainty and confusion with rich poetry describing a complicated situation. Denying that something is wrong is relatable and happens too often. A “white lie” may seem innocent, but it’s still a lie, which describes the song well. Kira Huszar wrote the lyrics with precision and thought. 

The single White Lie is available. 

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