Single Saturdays: Will Young- Forever (Radio Edit)

British singer Will Young has released another version of Forever, a song released on his 2019 album Lexicon. It’s a radio edit. The story is about a man walking through the city feeling pain from his breakup and remembers his love the whole time. 

The music is Pop, more specifically, Brit Pop. The beat is faster than the version on the Lexicon album. The mood is the same but with more intensity this time around. One can especially feel the heartbreak in the music. The composition of the tune is magnificent. It has a 90s vibe to it that made me nostalgic. It parallels to the works of the Finnish DJ Darude, specifically the song Sandstorm, but with a slower rhythm.    

Will Young’s voice is steady and rhythmic. He captures the emotion with perfection and style. When he sings the verses, he has a deeper voice, but he can switch to a higher register smoothly. 

The lyrics are the same as the original ones, describing a man’s heartbreak following a breakup or separation. The city is a symbol of chaos and confusion at times, primarily when one is not used to living in such an environment. Repeating the word “forever” is a well-thought-out emphasis on how love can be intense. Freestyle rhyming is smooth with some of the ABAB structure- the mix is well-written. The words have a lovely simplicity, yet say so much.

The song Forever (Radio Edit) is available.  

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