Alan Doyle’s Latest Album Rough Side Out

Canadian singer Alan Doyle has a new album entitled Rough Side Out. The overall themes are love, life, and Newfoundland culture. 

The music is country with a cozy feel to it. The instruments heard in the album guitar and the banjos. The sound reminds me of the music I heard during my trip to St-John’s, Newfoundland Labrador. I can imagine a gathering around a campfire on a chilly summer night. What the Whisky Won’t Do has a slow, heavy beat, which reflects the difficulty following a breakup. The song Anywhere You Wanna Go has an upbeat sound that suits the road trip vibe perfectly.  The tune It’s Ok is an example of how the music changes to a happier beat to reflect the hope that things will get better. Paper In Fire has an incredible mix of Country and Hard Rock.

I Gotta Go has a sound that reminds me of intimate acoustic performances. The guitar has a distinct presence in the song. The composition of the songs is well-done.

Alan Doyle’s voice is husky and rich in melody. He has two incredible duets with Dean Brody (We Don’t Wanna Go Home) and Jess Moskaluke (What the Whisky Won’t Do). He captures the emotions and honours the Newfoundland culture nicely.

The lyrics are expressive and full of life. The words have fantastic poetry to them that is authentic. Each song tells a story and allows the listener to imagine everything described in extensive detail. The lyrics are well-written. One can genuinely sense the nostalgia, love, and the Newfoundland culture, depending on the song or songs. Sometimes there’s a lovely overlap of the overall themes. The flow of the lyrics is smooth, making them easy to follow.  

My favourite songs are We Don’t Wanna Go Home (a duet with Dean Brody), Anywhere You Wanna Go, and Paper in Fire.

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