Florence K- “Florence”: A Personal Album

Canadian singer Florence K has a new album out entitled Florence. The themes are family, mental health, love and life. 

The music is French pop, also known as Musique Francophone. In most of the album, the beat is slow. The instruments that nicely contribute to the beautiful composition of the record are piano, drums, and the violin. One of the composers is Florence K’s husband, David Goudreault. The music complements each story with the appropriate sound and rhythm. It reminds me of the French Pop of the 1960s and 70s, especially the works of Sylvie Vartan and Michel Sardou. The sound quality is fantastic.

Florence K’s voice is rich, sweet and soulful. She expresses herself in a vulnerable and genuine manner. Her advocacy for mental health reflects in her singing. She sounds compassionate and understanding, which is inspirational to those who face challenges in their daily lives because of mental health. She sings with her friend, David Goudreault, and it’s a lovely duet. Their voices compliment each other nicely. 

The lyrics also reflect the importance of raising awareness about mental health. Each song tells a story that’s either personal or a reflection of social issues. The words are rich in language and poetry, as well as vulnerable, at times. There’s a lovely human element to them that makes this album authentic and relatable. When I learned the story behind each song on iTunes in the review section of Florence K’s record, I appreciated these songs even more.  Papaparfait is a touching example of something personal, a mother’s message to her daughter about the father, giving her the option to decide whether or not to contact him. Valentine is a well-written song about the fashion industry and its environmental consequences, as well as the challenges for young women. Those are two examples of the story behind each tune. It gives a new fresh perspective when listening to the album.

My favourite songs are Valentine, Château de Verre (Glass Castle), Le Talent N’existe Pas (The Talent is non-existent), and Pas Grand-Chose Pour Être Heureux (Not Much Needed to be Happy).

The album Florence is available.

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